Who We Are

Fulford is a diverse community of faith committed to making disciples by bringing the love of God through Jesus Christ to a world in need.

We believe that living a life inspired by God’s love compels us to offer help, hope, and healing to those looking for more meaning in their lives. We believe God’s grace is available to all people. We believe in welcoming all into our lives, but also in taking action outside the walls of the church to serve our neighbors, next door and around the world.

You are welcome here! Come join us on Sundays at 8:30 am or 10:45 am.

What We Believe

  • To love God, each other, and our neighbors.

  • All people are created in God’s image and matter.

  • Scripture is the divinely inspired Word of God; powerful and effective in developing a fruitful life of faith.

  • God’s very existence is community – God the Creator, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • God’s grace through Jesus Christ is a gift for everyone and is a source of forgiveness, healing, and empowerment for our lives.

  • We live out our faith through works of mercy, justice, and peace.

  • We celebrate our life together in the Holy Spirit through baptism for all ages and communion for all who love God and seek to live in peace.